About TaxAid & Tax Help for Older People

We are proud to support TaxAid & Tax Help for Older People, please find out more below.

The 2019 IFA Congress is proud to support the two UK tax advice charities, TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People - you will hear more about them at the Congress itself.

These charities provide tax advice to vulnerable taxpayers on low incomes: people who desperately need advice - but cannot afford to pay for professional help.

TaxAid serves people of working age and its sister charity, Tax Help for Older People, supports people of pensionable age. The charities give tax advice and where necessary act for the taxpayer in their dealings with the UK tax authority. The help they give is frequently life changing, getting those in need and at their lowest point back on their feet.

Last year the charities supported over 21,000 people and over 250,000 since they were founded.  They are supported by donations from people and institutions across the tax profession and the UK tax authority, and by professionals who volunteer their time.

If you would like to support or find out more about them please visit their stand at the Congress. They will be delighted to meet you, discuss their work, and to learn about similar charities in your country.

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